Friday, December 23, 2011

ADDM bug

В addm-отчете часто возникает такая пугающая рекомендация:

Finding 1: Virtual Memory Paging
Impact is 5.14 active sessions, 100% of total activity.
Significant virtual memory paging was detected on the host operating system.

   Recommendation 1: Host Configuration
   Estimated benefit is 5.14 active sessions, 100% of total activity.
      Host operating system was experiencing significant paging but no
      particular root cause could be detected. Investigate processes that do
      not belong to this instance running on the host that are consuming
      significant amount of virtual memory. Also consider adding more physical
      memory to the host.

- особого пейджиинга в ОС не видно
- исправить ситуацию не получается (уменьшение SGA эффекта не дает - сообщение появляется).

Как оказалось, это баг ADDM:
ADDM Reports Significant Virtual Memory Paging [ID 1322964.1]

This issue can be seen from to

The problem is caused by wrong values in V$OSSTAT as explained in
and unpublished Bug 11712010: VIRTUAL MEMORY PAGING ON DATABASES.
both these bugs are closed as duplicate of unpublished Bug 10220118: NEED TO ALERT WHEN SYSTEM IS CLOSE TO PAGING
В общем, есть патчик, который исправляет данную ситуацию. Завлено, что этот баг исправлен.

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