Thursday, February 16, 2012

Diskgroup is not compatible for database usage

Diskgroup "+DATA" is not compatible for
database usage. Database compatible attribute of
diskgroup should be the same or lower than the database
compatible initialization parameter value.
Database compatible parameter is set to ""
and the diskgroup database compatibility attribute is set
 to "".  

Solution: go to OH/assistants/dbca/templates
and edit the line name="compatible" value=""

         <initParam name="db_name" value=""/>
         <initParam name="dispatchers" value="(PROTOCOL=TCP) (SERVICE={SID}XDB)"/>
         <initParam name="audit_file_dest" value="{ORACLE_BASE}/admin/{DB_UNIQUE_NAME}/adump"/>
         <initParam name="compatible" value=""/>
         <initParam name="remote_login_passwordfile" value="EXCLUSIVE"/>



cellcli -e list diskmap

The interesting LIST DISKMAP command in the storage cells links all views to hard disks: PCI bus address as Name 252:5, OS name (/dev/sdh,...