Friday, March 16, 2012

INSERT INTO wrh$_tempstatxs () - is pseudo AWR bug

In addition to my previous AWR bugs post.

The new database in Exadata. No any workload.
This Insert was executed on both nodes of cluster during 3 minutes each (history from bottom to top):

DBControl shows one Insert into WRH$-tempstatxs, which is the part of AWR:

I decided to gather some add statistics - for dictionary and for fixed views as I did it last time, but bad Insert appears soon after my statistics gathering. You see it in both screenshots.

The solution was found by chance - after db restart bad Insert disappeared forever.

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  1. And another workarounds may be found in Bug 13257247 - AWR Snapshot collection hangs due to slow inserts into WRH$_TEMPSTATXS )


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