Sunday, June 8, 2014

How to enable the Flash Cache Compression ?

- should i shutdown databases ?
- should i shutdown clusterware ?

My experiment say - no, i didn't shutdown DB soft or clusterware (CW). I just connected to cells with terminal program and made my operations. The DB and ASM alert logs showed no errors during this operation.

If you make the "list cell detail" before this operation then you don't see the
"flashCacheCompress" parameter. It is absent.

And a size of FlashCache is:

[root@exa2celadm01 ~]# cellcli -e list flashcache detail|grep -i Size
     effectiveCacheSize:     2978.75G
     size:                   2978.75G

The "alter flashcache all flush" command may take a very long time, for example, 1+ hour. So run it on the all cells simultaneously some times before your operation.

My commands:

CellCLI> alter flashcache all flush
Flash cache ed02celadm01_FLASHCACHE altered successfully

CellCLI> drop flashcache all       
Flash cache ed02celadm01_FLASHCACHE successfully dropped

CellCLI> drop flashlog all         
Flash log ed02celadm01_FLASHLOG successfully dropped

CellCLI> drop celldisk all flashdisk
CellDisk FD_00_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_01_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_02_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_03_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_04_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_05_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_06_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_07_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_08_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_09_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_10_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_11_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_12_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_13_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_14_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped
CellDisk FD_15_ed02celadm01 successfully dropped


CellCLI> alter cell FlashCacheCompress=true
Cell ed02celadm01 successfully altered


CellCLI> create celldisk all flashdisk
CellDisk FD_00_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_01_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_02_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_03_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_04_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_05_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_06_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_07_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_08_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_09_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_10_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_11_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_12_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_13_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_14_ed02celadm01 successfully created
CellDisk FD_15_ed02celadm01 successfully created

CellCLI> create flashlog all size=512M
Flash log ed02celadm01_FLASHLOG successfully created

CellCLI> create flashcache all
Flash cache ed02celadm01_FLASHCACHE successfully created


CellCLI> list cell detail      
     name:                   ed02celadm01
     bbuChargeThreshold:     800
     bbuStatus:              normal
     bbuTempThreshold:       60
     bmcType:                IPMI
     cellVersion:            OSS_12.
     cpuCount:               24
     diagHistoryDays:        7
     fanCount:               8/8
     fanStatus:              normal
     flashCacheMode:         WriteBack
     flashCacheCompress:     TRUE
     id:                     1340NM502N
     interconnectCount:      3
     interconnect1:          ib0
     interconnect2:          ib1
     iormBoost:              0.0
     kernelVersion:          2.6.39-400.128.1.el5uek
     locatorLEDStatus:       off
     makeModel:              Oracle Corporation SUN SERVER X4-2L High Capacity
     metricHistoryDays:      7
     notificationMethod:     snmp
     notificationPolicy:     critical,warning,clear
     offloadEfficiency:      481,755.6
     powerCount:             2/2
     powerStatus:            normal
     releaseTrackingBug:     16980054
     status:                 online
     temperatureReading:     24.0
     temperatureStatus:      normal
     upTime:                 50 days, 18:13
     cellsrvStatus:          running
     msStatus:               running
     rsStatus:               running

And size of FlashCache in our X4-2 after modification is about 2 times bigger:

[root@ed02celadm01 ~]# cellcli -e list flashcache detail|grep -i Size
     effectiveCacheSize:     5959G
     size:                   5959G

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