Thursday, October 19, 2017

Exadata HW support

As you may know the support for replacement hardware parts is 5 years from the last ship day.
For Exadata X2-2 , which last ship day was in November 2012 this means that replacement parts may not be available after November 2017. For example, you may not order HDD or flash from Oracle.

Some time ago i've wrote post about Exadata X2-2 hardware is going out of hw support:

But our customers continue to add the new hw to the working now X2-2 racks !

And there is the place for collision, when X7-2 cell is added to the X2-2 Quarter Rack (model of 2011 year).

But there is the good information there:

Customer can extend the hw support at +15% extra pay.

The first extra year is 100+15% of previous support for system.
The 2nd year is + 15*15 = +22,5%  extra pay.
The 3rd year is + 15*15*15 and so on ...

Don't worry ...
Be happy ...

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