Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Oracle & Intel Alliance

Надо почитать этот сайт : http://www.intelalliance.com/oracle/home.aspx

Thursday, March 21, 2013

ORA-15055: unable to connect to ASM instance, ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

The today issue:
after installation GI and DB with role separation (grid and oracle) the DB cannot connect to ASM instance.

The DB process dedicated to connect to ASM is ASMB process. So, lets goo into the
and look $SID_asmb_$PID.trc files:

WARNING: failed to start ASMB (connection failed) state=0x1

In alert log you can see:
Thu Mar 21 13:18:29 2013
WARNING: ASM communication error: op 16 state 0x40 (1031)
ERROR: slave communication error with ASM

This means that grid user has not in asmadmin group. What you need is :
usermod -g oinstall -G dba,asmadmin  grid

But we still cannot connect to ASM, DB alert log still shows:

ORA-15055: unable to connect to ASM instance
ORA-01031: insufficient privileges

So, we need 2nd modification - add user oracle to asmdba group:
usermod -g oinstall -G dba,asmdba  oracle

Now all works and we see

NOTE: initiating MARK startup
Starting background process MARK
ORACLE_BASE from environment = /u01/app/oracle/
Thu Mar 21 14:08:07 2013
MARK started with pid=21, OS id=4206
NOTE: MARK has subscribed
Thu Mar 21 14:08:08 2013


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

oracleasm createdisk [FAILED]

The today error was:

# /etc/init.d/oracleasm createdisk VOL1 /dev/sdb1
Marking disk "VOL1" as an ASM disk:               [FAILED]

What is the reason for  [FAILED] ?
The disks are:
# ls -l /dev/sdb*
brw-rw----. 1 root disk 8, 16 Mar 19 11:47 /dev/sdb
brw-rw----. 1 root disk 8, 17 Mar 19 11:58 /dev/sdb1

The solution is DISABLE SELINUX !

The dot in the brw-rw----. <- is the symptom of selinux.

After SELINUX=disabled in /etc/selinux/config +reboot the server we have

# ls -l /dev/sdb*
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 16 Mar 19 13:52 /dev/sdb
brw-rw---- 1 root disk 8, 17 Mar 19 14:01 /dev/sdb1

and oracleasm configuration works:

# /etc/init.d/oracleasm createdisk VOL1 /dev/sdb1
Marking disk "VOL1" as an ASM disk:                [  OK  ]


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