Tuesday, January 21, 2014

OSWatcher and the Exadata (OSWbb is not supported on the Exadata)

Oracle has the OSWatcher (OSWbb) which make the snapshots of the server load (CPU load, Memory load, Disks load ...) and save these data into file.
In the Exadata we also have the OSWatcher, we can see its processes and it save files into /opt/oracle.oswatcher/osw.

In the OSWbb is the analyser(painter) utility - oswbba.jar.
But I didn't find oswbba.jar in the Exadata.

I downloaded the latest OSWbb, put the oswbba.jar into the Exadata and run it.
As a rresult i've got:

"ERROR. You do not have a compatible version of OSWatcher to use with oswbba.
This version of oswbba requires files collected by running OSWbb(6.0 and
higher). The version of you archive files are, Jan ,
which may be compatible with an earlier version of OSWg or oswbba."

 The questions are:
- Why there is no appropriate the oswbba.jar in the Exadata ?
- How to update the OSWbb in the Exadata correctly ? 
- Why there is no instructions for OSWbb in the Exadata documentation ...
- Why full-stack patch don't contain the latest OSWbb ?

Answers here:
- Exadata contain its own OSW version which is not compatible to OSWbb.  
- OSWbb is for systems other than exadata. OSWBB is not supported on exadata
- OSWatcher for the exadata will be upgrade with image upgrade.
- There is no analyzer (painter) for Exadata OSW.
- OSWatcher Graph (OSWg) Does Not Work on Exadata System (Note 1344568.1)

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